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Many are hearing rumors and expressing interest in learning about a program which is being introduced into District 51 this year in a few select elementary and middle schools. It is not "new" -- it is being used in a number of schools in the Country plus it employs some very tried and true systems/programs/processes/techniques/approaches to learning that are already familiar to many, perhaps most, creative educators. Steve explains what it is all about and what his, and the District's, hopes are for the program. He has expressed a willingness to come back for a subsequent interview in a few months to give us a progress report. I look forward to that as well.

Enjoy and Learn!
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This song expresses the sadness and then frustration of losing someone or feeling like the someone is leaving and you can do just nothing about it. "Say Something! Don't just leave. Help me understand." Think about an elderly couple and one is passing away; think about a child that just can't understand the divorce; think about your beloved friend or spouse; think about frustration when God doesn't seem to be there.

About us: Steve is a music lover who has never performed before. Lisa is a classically trained vocalist who is also now in a different career. We have come together along with our friend, Ken Dravis (AspenLeaf Recording in Grand Junction, CO) to produce and perform this wonderful song by Ian Axel, Chad Vaccarino and Michael Campbell. Ken is a sound engineer as well as professional performer and provided all of the instrumental tracks plus the mixing and mastering.


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John Leane Part II

This is Part II of John Leane's interview. We are reaching out again in order to give more of the story of how the new playground at Canyon View Park came to be named for and dedicated to John. We begin where we left off last month.

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John Leane Part I

John is not native to Grand Junction, but he just as well be. He and his family have lived here for a great many years completely absorbed by the Community. John has worked for the City both as an employee in the Parks and Rec area, and as an independent contractor supplying referees and overseeing entire park and rec programs over many years. Recently his health required retirement. 

John has also received the great honor of having a brand new playground built and dedicated to him at Canyon View Park.  But, that latter will be the subject of next month's interview and broadcast on KAFM. We simply ran out of time this month to go very far into that subject.
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Here we are again with Joel. Again, a fascinating and engaging young man. Take a look at the piece written about Part I of our Conversation For Keeps, just below on this site. And be prepared to enjoy another great Conversation. This Part II was broadcast on KAFM in March. (I know I misspoke earlier when I said Part I was broadcast in March. That one was actually aired in February and this Part II, in March).

I first met Joel less than two years ago and have been engaged as I have learned more and more about who he is, where he came from and the stories he has to share that reveal so much of the young Joel, the young man Joel and now the businessman, father, husband, solid Christian and a truly caring individual. You will enjoy his stories and I'm sure you will want to tune in to the follow up interview, Part II, which was done simply because we didn't have the time to get as much of him and his stories as we wanted in this Part I. Tune in and enjoy this 30 minute Conversation for Keeps, first broadcast in March on KAFM, 88.1 on the FM dial in Grand Junction, CO

In this second, Part II, of our Conversations For Keeps with Clark Wingate, we spend most of our time talking about the 10th Mountain Division, his part in the start-up of that unit and the intense training required to prepare men to serve as mountain/snow soldiers. I’m proud to know Clark and today, Veterans’ Day 2014, to thank him for his service during WWII and wish him many more years to share his stories and to enjoy his life.

I recently released a new recording of Daniel Lanois’ The Maker. This release is produced entirely by Ken Dravis, www.AspenLeafProductions.com . I plan to post it on YouTube as soon as I have the proper licensing.  Meantime, if you like this, please share with your friends and acquaintences.

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This recording of Dolly Parton’s From Here to the Moon and Back was recorded by me as a Christmas gift to my wife, Jan. I am just now licensed to distribute it. It, too, was produced by Ken Dravis, www.AspenLeafProductions.com. And again, if you like it, please share on your FaceBook pages and otherwise with your friends.

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Clark Wingate is one of our few remaining World War II Veterans. He seems just as energetic in his story telling as I imagine he was 70 years ago. I know you will love this Conversation for Keeps episode and know also that we'll be broadcasting, and then podcasting, a second interview with Clark where we'll talk a lot about his being one of the founding members of the 10th Mountain Division based right here in CO.

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Mark Zipse was been in public education nearly all his life. From teaching in the classroom to administering entire schools as principal, he is known and loved throughout Western Colorado. Educators who truly love kids seem to have the best and richest stories about life with those kids. There are some great ones here that make it easy for us to see what he values and why. Enjoy.

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